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Cable TV system coaxial cable

The cable is applicable to the main line, branch line and user line for cable TV system, and the coaxial cable with physically foamed polyethylene insulation used by other electronic equipments.

Product marking

The product marking in the technical document is com- posed of the name, the type and the standard number.

For example: Coaxial cable with physically foamed polyeth- ylene insulation and polyvinyl chloride sheath with 4.8mm outer diameter of the insulation and 75 SZ characteristic impedance is repre- sented in the following:

Category I: Coaxial cable with physically foamed polyethyl- ene insulation is SYW V-75-5一I,GY/T 135一1998

Structure diagram

Product features

Ambient condition

Ambient temperature:-25~+70℃(polyvinyl chloride sheath)

-40~+70℃(polyethylene sheath)

Relative humidity:90%一95% when the temperature is 40士20C;

Weather and mechanical durability: The weather and mechanical durability of the cable should meet the regulation in Figure 4.

Product Description Application
Tinned or bare,Stranded or Solid Conductor or Copper Clad Steel For communication and signal control systems
Solid or Foamed PE Insulation  
Shield:Longitudinal aluminum mylay shielding,Tinned or bare copper wire braid shield available  
PVC or non-migration PVC Jacket  
Part No. Product
Conductor Insulation Shield Jacket

Nom. Imp. ohm

No./mm Material Material Nom.Dia.
S2501 RG58A/U 7/0.16 BC Solid PE 1.52 16/4/0.1 2.80 50
S2502 RG58A/U-A 19/0.18 TC PE Foam 2.00 16/4/0.12 3.50 50
S2503 RG58A/U-B 19/0.18 TC Solid PE 2.95 16/7/0.12 4.90 50
S2505 RG58A/U-C 7/0.254 TC Solid PE 2.95 16/6/0.12 4.90 50
S2506 RG174/U 19/0.18 BC Solid PE 2.95 16/6/0.127 4.95 50
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